Prison Architect

Released on October 6, 2015 by Introversion Software

Developed by Introversion Software

Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison. Prison Architect is the world's latest Prison Management Sim. Starting with an empty plot of land you must construct a holding cell with basic water and electricity to house your first batch of prisoners, to buy you enough time to create a proper cell block.

Introversion said that Prison Architect was complete and wouldn't be getting more features and a couple months later... more features! It's a prison miracle and what new things did Santa Warden bring us? Prison staff needs!! Just what we always wanted! Well, maybe not for me but it's a really neat feature and also optional which means if you don't want to worry about it in your current or upcoming prisons you won't need to.

"This frosty December, we give you guard needs: no longer can you treat your hard working prison officers as robot gaolers. They're going to need their own toilet and canteen and your staff room is about to get a whole lot busier....

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Introversion Games finally finished Prison Architect after 5 years and 11 months of active development. If you played this in an early form till now you can appreciate how much work they put into the game and it seems to have paid off as it's their most successful game to date. The final 2.0 update brings a sort of free form admin/debug/cheat mode where you can build anything and mess with nearly every game setting. 2.0 also comes with a bunch of new bug fixes and a couple more things they outlined in previous videos. Introversion does plan on fixing more Prison Architect bugs but they are focusing the majority of their attention to their next game.

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In world with very disappointing early access games it's nice to point to one and realize it was done right. I picked up Prison Architect in 2013 after a very positive review of Alpha 10 by Chris Schetter. At the time it was a lot more simple but even then it had enough gameplay to hook me. After the next updates came I decided to pause my play of it because it seemed like they had a ton to add and I wanted to pick it up in closer to 1.0. As luck would have it, it seems I can head back and start managing my prison again.

The great crew at Introversion has dropped the latest in the Alpha series for Prison Architect. They have been hard at work on a Tablet port of the game coming to newer iPads and high powered Android tablets. They've also added some really useful features like the ability to untangle your wires and feed prisoners confined to solitary. This release also contains the ability to get a one time payment for new prisoners to help you fund the construction of your prison. Currently, the early game of Prison Architect allows you to get money through grants and your monthly prisoner income. If you've played the game you know this is a pretty tight fiscal scenario as you often... Read All

"Prisoners can now take drugs (typically smuggled in through visitation), and develop addictions. Addiction gets stronger with each use of a drug, and prisoners go into withdrawal if they do not get their drugs fix quick enough. Some prisoners arrive with existing addictions, other prisoners try drugs when bored or dissatisfied. All drugs have a chance to cause an overdose, which is lethal unless immediately treated by a Doctor.

Two new Reform programs have been added to help combat drug addiction:
- Methodone program, a chemical suppliment that helps remove the craving of addicted prisoners
- Alchoholics anonymous meeting, a group therapy session aimed at reducing the... Read All

"You've all had it too easy for too long. Sitting there, building your prisons, not caring about deaths or insolvency. Well NO MORE! We've introduced failure conditions and now, if you f**K up it's game over.

We've also graded all prisoners on four scales: Punishment, Reform, Security and Health. You can check these out in the rap sheet and when summed over the whole prison you end up with a score. Lefty-liberal reformist paradise or super-right super-max super bad ass punishment amplifier - you go ahead and max those stats. The Punishment Inspector shall be pleased.

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"After a long playthrough of the game, we concluded that the Finance system was most in need of some development love this month. It has become common practice to cheat your way to $1,000,000 in the bank because there is simply no other way to raise that kind of capital, and the game becomes boring when you have to wait for it to roll in. There are many mods that filled the gap by adding more grants to the game. Furthermore, if you use all the official grants up (all four of them) and still have a negative cashflow, you have literally no way to recover other than cheating, because your bank balance will be decreasing every day and you won’t be able to afford to build... Read All

"It’s been another massive month, with several major successes. This month we tackled one of our big end game features : prisoner reform. You can now run prisoner reform programs which aim to train, educate and reform your inmates. Reform programs are expensive to run, take a long time to complete, and the success rates are often very low unless your prisoners are very well taken care of. Some bring substantial benefits to your prison and the inmates that take part, others are a longer term investment in your prisoners that may provide little short term benefit.

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Prison Architect Alpha 17 dropped today and the guys at Introversion have an awesome video showcasing the new goods. This update sees in inclusion of armed guards and a new weapons locker room type. If you decide to add armed guards to your prison it comes with a cost in that during each riot the prisoners will try and get access to the weapons locker. In the Alpha 17 showcase video the rioting prisoners went straight for the weapons locker and proceeded to arm themselves, which i'm my estimation would end that particular prison.

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Introversion let loose a pretty massive Holiday update to Prison Architect in the form of Alpha 16. They added the ability to generate prison maps with lakes, trees and different terrain types. They updated the AI and enhanced the ability to segregate your prisons by prisoner threat. They also fixed a pretty long standing bug in that you can now build multiple kitchens and the cooks properly work with that. One new feature I find really interesting is the ability to plant and harvest trees. You can immediately sell the trees OR you can take them to your workshop to process.

Oh and if you wanted to forever immortalize yourself within the game, you can now.

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