Prison Architect Alpha 17 dropped today and the guys at Introversion have an awesome video showcasing the new goods. This update sees in inclusion of armed guards and a new weapons locker room type. If you decide to add armed guards to your prison it comes with a cost in that during each riot the prisoners will try and get access to the weapons locker. In the Alpha 17 showcase video the rioting prisoners went straight for the weapons locker and proceeded to arm themselves, which i'm my estimation would end that particular prison.

They also added a new forestry zone that gardeners can tend to that grow trees creating another way your prison can make money in the long term. They have mentioned adding prisoner education and reforms and can't wait to try that. Building a right win hell hole and a leftist paradise both sound like interesting things to try when they are available.

Prison Architect is available right now on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 02/04/2014 at 06:29pm

I will get this game eventually. Although I currently have so many games on my backlog I can't quite bring myself to get another early access game right now. Still, I've been watching this game for awhile and will definitely pick it up once it's further along in development.

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