The great crew at Introversion has dropped the latest in the Alpha series for Prison Architect. They have been hard at work on a Tablet port of the game coming to newer iPads and high powered Android tablets. They've also added some really useful features like the ability to untangle your wires and feed prisoners confined to solitary. This release also contains the ability to get a one time payment for new prisoners to help you fund the construction of your prison. Currently, the early game of Prison Architect allows you to get money through grants and your monthly prisoner income. If you've played the game you know this is a pretty tight fiscal scenario as you often spend through your money quickly. The old alpha used to let you easily create spaces where your prisoners could work and make you way more money to fund the prison. That was changed as you had to jump through some really interesting new hoops to do that. Now they have brought things back a bit with the new one time prisoner grant award.

Introversion has hinted they may add more grants but this is a good addition until that happens.