Jon & Sean from Analgesic Productions released a Anodyne Remix Album on Bandcamp under the "name your price" model. I love the Anodyne score and this remix album compliments it well.

Blizzard has collected the winners of the Blizzard Gamescom 2013 cosplay contest. The winner this year was Ralph Z, a male Barb.

Eldritch is a interesting new 3D Lovecraftian FPS from two former EA developers. The has a very unique style and has been making some waves in the indie community.

Crawl is a neat 2D retro styled Zelda/Ninja Turtles hack-n-slash with some interesting elements, one being that your friends can control the dungeon monsters. If you have been itching to play against your friends, this may be your chance.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 09/16/2013 at 05:49pm

Interesting. *Great* sound effects/music in Crawl. Sounds just like an old school game!

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