"Travel on foot or use your ship, carry heavy objects and explore new areas. A.N.N.E is a platformer, shmup hybrid served in an open world-like structure with RPG elements."

Back in April the awesome Blaster Master/Metroid-vania 2D pixel beauty, A.N.N.E. was successfully Kickstarted. A.N.N.E. was a special Kickstarter in that it has some absolutely amazing Kickstarter rewards, including a Super Nintendo Styled USB controller and a ton more. The game is making steady progress to its release goals and Mo, the creator of A.N.N.E. has released a new video showcasing some of the new stuff such as the map system and A.N.N.E. as a fully playable character.

When the game was making its way through Kickstarter-land I interviewed Mo about the game and you can check that out here.


It would be a shame if this game doesn't get on Greenlight so clicky, click to vote.


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