A.N.N.E. is an upcoming 2D retro platformer that was successfully Kickstarted and is in heavy development. Mo, the creator of A.N.N.E. has been releasing development updates on YouTube and this latest one covers the shipping of the Super Nintendo USB controller to Kickstarter backers as well as enhancements for your ship. The ability to add "options" to your ship will be familiar to fans of Gradius as they seem heavily influenced by the aforementioned game.

If you are interested in checking out PAX East and don't yet have badges, Mo is running a contest so check out the video for more information.

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A.N.N.E. is a great 2D retro project I backed on Kickstarter. The game seriously reminds me of the magical nature of NES greats such as Blaster Master, Little Nemo The Dream Master and Metroid. Recently Mo, the games creator, posted a pretty awesome update about the games progress.

A few interesting bits of note: the video showcases a pretty bad ass looking boss fight and also talks a bit about how the games score has taken shape.

A.N.N.E. will ship on Mac, PC and Linux.

Read our interview with Mo about A.N.N.E here:


"Travel on foot or use your ship, carry heavy objects and explore new areas. A.N.N.E is a platformer, shmup hybrid served in an open world-like structure with RPG elements."

Back in April the awesome Blaster Master/Metroid-vania 2D pixel beauty, A.N.N.E. was successfully Kickstarted. A.N.N.E. was a special Kickstarter in that it has some absolutely amazing Kickstarter rewards, including a Super Nintendo Styled USB controller and a ton more. The game is making steady progress to its release goals and Mo, the creator of A.N.N.E. has released a new video showcasing some of the new stuff such as the map system and A.N.N.E. as a fully playable character.

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"Set on Planet Gomi, A.N.N.E. is a Metroidvania-style platformer with a unique focus on open exploration. So many places to go! So many things to see!

High level enemies are blocking your path, are you skilled enough to take them on now, or will you venture down a less risky path and come back later?

After watching the Kickstarter video for A.N.N.E. my first thought is that this game looks heavily inspired by Blaster Master, a NES game I __LOVED__. Blaster Master lacked a save feature so when I borrowed it from my friends I could never beat it in one sitting. That said, Blaster Master was awesome as you had a badass tank that you explored the overworld in and then had... Read All