Figured it would be good to ring in Saint Patricks Day with a free phone & tablet game for Android and iOS called Lep's World. Yeah, the name ain't great but the game is pretty fun.

The game is a serious clone of Super Mario Brothers. Its cool because as I play Lep's World I am reminded how much I love Super Mario Brothers and how much I want to play it on my iPhone.

Lep's World is a side scroller where you are a Leprechaun trying to collect your lost coins from your pot of gold. Instead of the Leprechaun getting a fire flower, he can collect acorns he can throw at enemies. In the typical Mario fashion, Lep can hit bad guys on the head. Some enemies have spikes so the only way to dispatch them is to shoot them with an acorn.

100 coins nets you an extra life and points can get gained by hitting blocks and killing enemies. One difference in Lep's World is that you have a life meter of three shamrocks you can refill by finding other shamrocks that move very similarly to mushrooms. Another difference is when you stomp on the grubs that operate a bit like a Goomba they leave behind a coin, acorn or shamrock. Nice.

At the end of each main stage is a castle level and I expected a boss fight a the end themed appropriately. Unfortunately there was no Leprechaun Bowser.

Level 2.1 starts off strangely by you being chased by a hornet and becomes a runner game. So far, it was just level 2.1 and the level wasn't hard it was just out of place. Kind of adds to the games charm, if not a totally random addition.

Many of the sound effects seem to be lifted straight out of Zelda. When you pick up a pot of gold it sounds eerilly like when you pickup an item in Zelda. Many of the other sound effects seem like other Zelda effects as well. Fun to hear them, they really brought me back to the old days.

Overall this game is a huge Mario clone but that didn't bother me as it was so much fun and most of all its totally free. Have a great Saint Patricks Day this weekend and if you want to increase your mood for green, snag Lep's World.

Tungsten wrote on 03/17/2012 at 07:59pm

I tried it and the soft keyboard is killing me. Maybe its my phone, but I cannot get the ******* to continually run left or right.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 03/17/2012 at 09:10pm

So far the controls have been ok. That said during my second play through I've had a rougher go with the controls. Love my phone, wish I had real buttons for these games.

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