"In Spacebase DF-9, you’ll build a home among the stars for a motley population of humans and aliens as they go about their daily lives. Mine asteroids, discover derelicts, and deal with the tribulations of our distant future: meteor impacts! Explosive decompression! Unbearable loneliness!"

Double Fine just released Spacebase DF-9 on Steam Early Access for Mac, Linux and Windows. It was a game that came out of the Amnesia Fortnight that is now being given the full game treatment. The game looks very interesting and seems like something I would appreciate. A rogue-like sim game with a space edge to it and a level of random AI emergence that looks fun to experience.

Double Fine really seems to have jumped head first into doing something that many other Indie Games do, which is to say get a playable build of the game to players and see what they want from it. They are even taking things a bit further by releasing a set of developer goals so you know the direction they are heading in.

If you try this one out, let me know what you think.


Travis   Admin wrote on 10/16/2013 at 03:25am

Oh this is fantastic. I played the Fortnight version of this, but this looks like they took it to a whole new level. I'm interested to check this out, the Fortnight version was good for something put together so quickly.

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