"Do you want to make the world a slightly better place and be rewarded some games for being an awesome human being? It's simple: choose a charity you like from the three we have here (WWF, Worldbuilders, and Gaming for Good), pick out 3 games you like out of 13 offered, pay $5 or more, and we will give 100% of your donation to charity*! You can also pick more than 3 games, and your minimum donation will be raised accordingly. Want to donate more? No problem--you can set the amount manually. Don't need the games, or already have them? Select the "Gift this order" option at the checkout, and make some other gamer happy."

GOG.com is running a charity bundle featuring some awesome Indie Games and all the proceeds go to one of three Charities you can pick. The bundle is featuring some great indie games such as Anodyne, FTL, Escape Goat, Incredipede, Darwinia, Oddworld Abes Oddysee, Driftmoon, Botanicula, Walking Mars, Creatures Village, Gemini Rule, PID & The Whispered World. This bundle is a bit different in that you can only pick three of the above games when you donate.

Cool to see GOGcom jump into the Charity bundle scene. Any plans to pick any 3 of these games up on GOGcom?


rettisawesome wrote on 11/11/2013 at 07:29am

World builders is a great charity. And founded and organized by one of my favorite human beings and fantasy authors, Patrick Rothfuss.

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