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They dont think it be like it is. But it do

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One of the best RPGS I've ever played is on sale over at Good Old Games. Space Rangers HD: A War Apart is the remaster of Space Rangers 2. Space Rangers is a Space trader, RPG with some roguelike elements, packed with super sweet text based adventures, arcade style battles, and RTS battles (that are widely considered pretty lame, but are completely optional, and not the worst thing ever).

For anyone who isn't aware, Space Rangers offers hours and hours of gameplay. The galaxy has come under attack by The Dominators, a group of powerful AI that threatened the galaxy once before. The space rangers are a group of soldiers who operate under almost complete autonomy to do what they can to hinder the Dominators conquest. While space faring you will encounter traders, pirates, soldiers, and other space rangers. You will battle powerful AI enemies on land and space, liberate planets, trade goods across the galaxy, be imprisoned and race cockroaches, earn money to buy better ships and equipment.

There are 5 playable races, each with their own unique skills, and 5 playable classes. Of course different combinations of races and classes offer different advantages in both skills and equipment.

The remaster doesn't offer very much in terms of content. However the game now supports widescreen as well as higher resolutions.

I don't know how long the sale at will last, but for the sweet price of $3.79 you can't go wrong picking this up if you haven't already. My personal rating for this game is 8 out of 10, even if only for the sheer number of hours this game has sucked out of my life. But it actually is a really great game with a ton of content. Click the link below to check it out.
The past several months of dota have been good. Extremely good. The stability of v6.78 created a strong dependable meta game and a fierce competitive scene.

But all good things must end right?

Hopefully to make room for better things.
V6.79 brings a boat load of changes that have turned the meta upside down. The next few months will be an anything goes slug fest as we see old tactics become obsolete and new ones rise in their place.
dont believe it? Check this chart that tracks some if the most significant effects on W/L ratio.

I'd love to talk about the changes in depth and look at the new meta and theory craft. But I'll save it for another time. If it tickles your fancy you can take a look at some thoughts by someone a whole lot smarter than me.