After hearing about "the most evil murder simulator ever made" and noticing the shareware version on the shelf for a few bucks, I gave Doom a shot. The graphics, immersion and gameplay blew my mind. The Demons snarling and grunting was really unnerving coming through my sound blaster. Shooting something and watching it explode was extremely satisfying. I also had fun connecting the game over BBS's and LAN for deathmatch.

Doom is one of those games that stamped my brain with what games could be and as such have a huge love for it. When Doom II came out I was very happy with the double barreled shotgun and new creepy levels.

I hope Doom continues to live on and wish iD Software godspeed on Doom 4. They are doing the Lord's work and Doom 4 needs to be awesome and must happen.

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