A few days after Rage shipped I saw a video about someone finding a secret Wolfenstein and Doom room. I found the Wolf room in Rage and a few days ago found the Doom room. The above video outlines how to find it, but I snapped a few pics of my own:


Basically I remembered that someone, in some level, hit some keyboards and they made a sound. Hit enough and a Demon made a noise and then you opened some door and there was the Doom room. Recently I made it to the Gearhead level saw a keyboard, hit it and it made a noise. I hit enough and a Demon made a noise. I beat the level and on my way out the level I tried a door I couldn't open at the start and it opened to the Doom room!

The Doom room is pretty cool. The original music plays as you see the original textures from the Doom game as the level. If you pass a barrel it flips around like the original Doom art did as it wasn't pure 3D back then, just gave the illusion of it. I collected the trophy and figured id continue on a kill some pinky demons but, alas it wasn't too large a room. Cool they put it in, would have loved to have killed some original Doom baddies.

Doom 4 please. Soon?

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/01/2012 at 05:39am


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