The video showcased above it titled "Why Comcast's 300GB Data Cap is Bad for Gaming" and the subtext is "An explanation of how Comcast's 300GB data cap is bad for me, you, and pretty much everyone else in the whole wide world."

A few things before I talk about data caps. First off, the video creator notes that Comcast(the ISP in question) mentions that the majority of it's user base doesn't go over 20G of monthly data. So the assertion that a data cap is bad for everyone seems a bit off. That said, the overall concept of the video is correct, data caps are not a good thing and I do want them to go away.

I haven't paid for cable TV ever and don't plan to so having a large truck-load of fast Internet is a great thing. I stream video, download games and music and play multiplayer games and all that is getting trickier with a 300GB Internet data cap. I imagine my bandwidth usage will only increase over time and I hope the caps increase with it.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/20/2014 at 05:21am

I've heard that one problem some people have is that if you don't buy a cable package your internet use gets restricted more easily. I had a cable/internet bundle a while back that had a theoretical cap. I could keep track of it on their site and always went over it. A friend had the same internet plan with no cable TV and got knocked down to a 512k download rate when they barely tipped over the cap, and had to start paying overages when they were like 2.5 gigs over.

Now, I don't have a cap, and I'm very glad of that. I watch about 30 hours of Netflix every week probably, not to mention gaming, etc.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 01/20/2014 at 05:25pm

I have Comcast and I don't pay for cable TV. So far I have come close to hitting my cap a few times but I was downloading some serious shit. I think if you needed to re-up your Steam catalog and were downloading some large films you would have a serious problem. That said, that is a completely legit use case and as more of our digital life is "in the cloud" they will have to allow the cap to go up.

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