2k is talking about after release Borderlands 2 support in a new class called the Mecromancer:

They made a pretty large point that this wasn't "day one DLC" but something they have been considering and will most likely ship as DLC well after launch. I like the idea of adding characters as DLC and really like the idea of this class. The Necromancer was my fav class of Diablo 2 and its cool to see the Borderlands take on it.

In other news, I was playing "Borderlands Classic" the other day and need to pass on a tip. In RPGs people often power level characters to help get certain characters to the highest level quickly. A few months back I played with a few level 60's online and they power leveled me about 8-10 levels. This was fun but something I want to warn you away from. My character had problems fighting by itself because the Siren didn't have the gear to go at the higher level characters on her own. So I am going at the main campaign again in playthrough 2 to get at better weaponry to take on some of the "Borderlands Classic" DLC that was way too hard otherwise.