As someone that has always loved comic books, it's been a bit sad to spend most of my adult life not reading them. The only series to catch my attention was Hellboy and beyond that, I haven't read much I enjoyed. During the recent Humble Walking Dead Bundle they were giving out the first 3 issues for free. So, like many, I downloaded the first 3 issues. I didn't get a chance to read them during the bundle but started them a bit thereafter. I was immediately impressed with the black and white style and bleak tone. I appreciate that comics style in that it is serious, but isn't so serious it gets boorish or overly dark. Many of the scenes play out and let the "comic" nature of the story at times be, well, comical(Grimes getting hit with a shovel comes immediately to mind).

As an entrant to the whole Zombie resurgence, The Walking Dead hit things off in 2003 with well used idea from 28 Days Later. The main character, police officer Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma after the Zom-pocalypse has hit. Whereas this story device wasn't original to the series, it's use here was great and it didn't feel dumb or cliche. In fact, what better way to bring the main character to the new Zombie-Earth?

After reading the 3 free issues I needed more as the story gets so great I wanted to keep going. The Humble Walking Dead Bundle was finished and so I couldn't pick up volumes 1-5 for $15, which is a steal. Instead of nabbing the digital volumes I decided to opt for the Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1. Whereas it includes Volumes 1-6 for a great price compared to buying them individually, it's pretty heavy. That said, as I have read it it hasn't been a huge deal and nothing beats how great it is to flip through the actual pages of a great story.

You can get the whole first issue of the Walking Dead free on ComiXology and I seriously recommend it. The Walking Dead is a series that allows DRM free downloads on comic sites that support that and as such if you want to get them digitally, I recommend ComiXology.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 08/13/2014 at 05:07pm

I've not read the comics, but would totally be interested. When you get a chance, the first 3 seasons are on Netflix and I highly recommend the show!

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