I attended PAX Prime this year on Saturday and perused a ton of new Indie games. One game that caught my attention was Super Meat Boy Forever. I was alerted to it by Travis and saw it at the Indie Megabooth. I watched a few people play it and immediately realized how great this game will be. When I first heard that Team Meat was working on a possible mobile Meat Boy game I didn't think it would work. After watching Super Meat Boy Forever and playing it, I can say that unless they change the game from what I played to make it worse, this game will be great.

In a world of really lame endless runners, Super Meat Boy Forever propels the genre forward by creating richer gameplay. Meat Boy runs forward and you can do a few things by tapping. Tapping on the right hand side of the screen causes Meat Boy to jump and tapping on the left causes him to crouch. Whereas I didn't see anyone use the crouch, I can imagine it coming in useful at certain points. If Meat Boy comes in contact with a wall he automagically starts walking the other direction. If you tap the jump button after he jumps into a walk it causes a wall jump in the opposite direction. These really simple controls make for a really rich platformer that felt like a proper Meat Boy game.

Where as it wasn't me playing the game, I snapped the above YouTube footage at PAX and it shows off a bit of the gameplay. Super Meat Boy Forever isn't an endless runner but it features randomly generated levels and will ship with an endless mode to it. That said, according to Team Meat, Super Meat Boy Forever will feature a full story, 6 levels and double the boss fights of the original. But don't take my word for it, you can read the announcement yourself.