"Now it’s easy to listen to your music collection while you play games on Steam.

Point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You’ll also find your Steam Soundtracks DLC in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed. Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it’s all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.

Steam Music has finally shipped and it's available to anyone that recently updated the Steam client. Steam Music offers a pretty spartan UI right now in allowing you to search through all your music and filter by artist or album. After Steam scans your library accessing and playing your music is pretty quick but I miss a some features like being able to shuffle through all your music. At some point I hope they offer a cover art style way to mouse through your library, I really like this as I have a ton of music and it's nice to visually locate and album as I scroll through hundreds of albums(I have a ton of music).

That said, I love that music support came to Steam and am looking forward to further releases that support more audio formats like AAC & FLAC.

To celebrate the launch of Steam Music Valve is giving away the soundtracks to some of it's most iconic games. So grab them now while you can.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 09/26/2014 at 04:17pm

The soundtracks are listed as DLC. You have to own the game in order to get the soundtrack for free. I'm trying to download the HL1 soundtrack, and it won't let me, and I don't own that game. I own the Source version, which the soundtrack is not tied to :(.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 09/26/2014 at 04:42pm

Me too. Really big bummer as I'd love that soundtrack.

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