Hey Everyone,

I know everyone has been anticipating the launch of Starship Rubicon, I know I have. With that, the launch is so soon it might even be.... tomorrow? Incredible.

With that I wanted to deliver a bit of a bitter pill. Starship Rubicon will be coming out on PC and Mac as advertised but the Linux port is going to slip a bit. As someone that has been using Linux for 10+ years I am bummed. Wick and I wanted to launch with all three ports but due to technical stuff that is somewhat out of our control, we are going to launch with the Linux port next year. Again, as an avid Linux gamer that doesn't like to hear this kind of thing I really didn't want to have to do this.

That said, when the Linux port does ship it will be a high quality experience, something all Linux gamers deserve. I consider Linux to be a very important platform and as such want it to be as good as the PC and Mac ports and when it ships next year, it will be. When it does ship, expect to hear about it because it will be a pretty big deal.

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 12/15/2014 at 02:42am

Awesome! As I said in my latest private message, I played the game for a few minutes recently. I played the latest beta build. It has changed since the previous time I played it, which was about 2 betas ago (not the previous one, but the one before it). Sadly, I didn't play it in a timely manner to participate in the survey. I'm looking forward to getting my Steam key and I'm hoping the game is a big success!

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