As a big fan of Earthbound I have been really excited for Mother 4. Since Nintendo doesn't seem interested in making a new Mother game, fans took it on themselves to work on something new. The Mother 4 team has been busily working on the game and last year mentioned a 2015 release date. Today they dropped a new trailer and a tentative release date of June with the new trailer game footage. I like how similar the feel is to Earthbound while proving a more modern take on the classic pixel art.

Oh and Mother 4 will release for free on PC, Mac and Linux.

"Mother 4 follows the journey of three kids and the leader of a biker gang. With dark rumors of "Modern Men" running wild, these unassuming heroes set out to uncover the truth, no matter how dangerous. From bustling urban streets to secret volcano bases, all kinds of oddball thugs and impossible monsters stand in their way... but everything should be okay if they don't forget to write home!"