It's been a long time since Fortnite was unveiled by Cliffy B at PAX. Since then Cliffy has left Epic and started his own game company, Epic released Unreal 4 engine for free and Unreal Tournament is getting a reboot. Fortnite has remained in pretty active development but I haven't heard very much about it from others or the press. As I was reading about Fortnite I watched the video above showing off game play, construction and basic game mechanics. In Fortnite (or one mode of it) your team builds up a base to survive the oncoming hordes of invaders. Some of your team members gather resources while others build the base to hold up to the invasion. After watching the video I have a better idea of what the game is but certain aspects of it are still shrouded in the mystery of it being in alpha. If it's anything like the early beta of Unreal Tournament, Fortnite should be really fun. It's nice to get a co-op team based shooter that's focused on building mechanics as well as shooting things in the face.