While it's not currently the biggest online multiplayer game out there right now (PUBG Anyone?) Fortnite is still going quite strong. When Microsoft allowed multiplayer for free to play games to not require an XBox Gold membership Fortnite was the first game I downloaded. Frankly, in 4K 120fps, playing Fortnite on XBox is the best way to play it. The game on the Series X is so smooth and lag free it feels like a massive upgrade and with the enhanced visuals the game whole experience can be quite serene. So much so that playing Fortnite in the mornings or at night has become a kind of meditation.

Hey friend, things are hard out there but playing a game where you jump... Read All

Recently Microsoft announced a price increase on XBox Gold, the service that allows folks to play games online. Due to the overwhelmingly negative response Microsoft kept the pricing as it was and did one more in that they said they would allow free online multiplayer for all free to play games. Put another way, you can play games like Warframe and Fortnite for free without having to pay for XBox Games Pass or XBox Gold. As someone that recently bought an XBox Series X that doesn't have Games Pass or Gold this is a very welcome change. Feels like I'm getting an upgrade for just having an XBox. I'm well aware the PC versions of these games allow free online multiplayer... Read All

The Epic Games Store on PC is giving away 15 free PC games this year to help ring in the new year. So far I've netted well over 50 PC games free from Epic including Grand Theft Auto V, FTL and the entire Batman Arkham series. I'm not sure what other games Epic has hidden under the tree but we'll find out as they release one free game per day starting on December 17th!


Six years ago Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games announced a new game called Fortnite that was aimed exclusively at the PC market. It was a co-op team shooter game set in a cartoony apocalypse where you can build structures to protect yourself and your teammates from the oncoming Zombie hordes. The game has been in development for over six years and is still in early access and has blown up with the launch of the in game Battle Royale mode. One huge inspiration for Fortnite Battle Royale was the early 2017 Player Unknown Battlegrounds also known as PUBG. When PUBG hit the scene it solid very well catapulting it to the top of the Steam and Twitch charts and Epic Games saw... Read All

It's been a long time since Fortnite was unveiled by Cliffy B at PAX. Since then Cliffy has left Epic and started his own game company, Epic released Unreal 4 engine for free and Unreal Tournament is getting a reboot. Fortnite has remained in pretty active development but I haven't heard very much about it from others or the press. As I was reading about Fortnite I watched the video above showing off game play, construction and basic game mechanics. In Fortnite (or one mode of it) your team builds up a base to survive the oncoming hordes of invaders. Some of your team members gather resources while others build the base to hold up to the invasion. After watching the... Read All

I am unsure what to make of Epics forthcoming game Fortnite because I haven't seen any game play and in depth description of it. That said, Epic's Cliff Bleszinksi said something at Comic Con today that made me think about gaming and how things move:

"We're here and we're announcing that this is a PC-designed game, it's shipping exclusively for the PC," he told a crowd of attendees."

"Next-gen's here. It's been here. It's a high-end PC," Bleszinski said. He added that the dudebro-free Fortnite didn't "make sense" for Unreal Engine 3, and cheered PCs as being part of Epic's "heritage.""

Epic has been a primarally console based developer for the last few years and in the... Read All