In a recent interview with PCGamer, Blizzard talked about a bunch of game related bits and one that stood out to me is that Hearthstone has amassed 30 million players. They mention this is due to launch on mobile. I dived back in after the phone launch and it seems I wasn't alone.

During the interview a question was also asked in how Blizzard gauges the effectiveness of new cards.

"For me, my main goal is not actually to get cards into decks permanently, but to have people experiment with new ideas a lot, which is slightly different. So, for example, Flamewaker caused people to try out decks with tons of spells in them. And some people had some success with that, but more importantly they experimented with it. So even if the Dragon decks, after a month of experimentation, don’t end up being the best decks—as long as people have had a lot of fun trying things out, then we've succeeded in one of our main goals."

They discussed a few new cards but I wanted to highlight one part of the interview about Grim Patron. It was a new card in Blackrock Mountain which is a 3/3 that costs 5 and when it survives damage another one is summoned.

Blizzard said this when they were asked if the card is a problem:

"We’re always watching the meta game and Reddit and the forums, but it looks totally fine to me right now. It’s pretty healthy, it’s powerful, it’s a new deck type, it’s fun. One week it’s like “wow, Grim Patron decks are the strongest this week”, but the next week it’s like “Oh… a totally different deck is really strong right now.” So I think there’s enough variety right now that it’s not actively something we’re thinking about."

It's a great interview and they talk more about Grim Patron, Dr. Boom and more.

One thing I have been focusing on is getting cards by unlocking gold playing daily quests. It's a legit path but it takes time and patience. I found a good strategy for trying to get the most gold you can from daily quests by strategizing when you reroll them. It's a great strategy and was also useful to know that you can reroll your quests at all!

"Reroll all 40 gold quests. Don't finish 40 gold quests. Finish 60/100 gold quests as soon as possible, unless they require finishing a 40 gold quest. Finish a quest if you can't reroll and you have 3 quests."

If you are wondering how you reroll your quests, check the video below.

JaBo wrote on 05/28/2015 at 06:50pm

Oh crap... I never knew about rerolling... fml

I would not assume that clicking the red x would reroll my quest.... I would think it just declines that quest and you lose it, so I just complete them all. This is a nice find!

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