Here are a few Diablo 3 news bits I had to share. So stay a while and read:

The above video is the new reveal for the Wizard class. It seems from this video she is an epic Nuke class. After playing the beta I didn't get a good sense for how the Wizard would fit into a party but after seeing her later in the game in this video it makes sense to me. Calling down meteors on demons seems very satisfying!

Bizzard has released more information about the in-game auction house. This is a feature that has been getting a lot of negative attention and I don't really understand it. Isn't it a good thing to allow you as a user to make money by doing things in a video game? Isn't a good thing to take item purchasing, something people do, out of the shady corners of the Internet? I hat tip companies like Linden Labs and the like for pioneering these sorts of digital transfers in games. Making money in a video game sounds like a fine way to live to me! I guess some negativity comes from Blizzard taking a cut but I don't quite understand the rage as Apple and Google do the same for the Apps that you buy on your phone. That said, cool to see Blizzard making more information about this available.

One gripe I have heard from users is the in ability to play with other users around the world. Looks like Blizzard is addressing this in the new Global Play feature of in Diablo 3.

The PR department of Blizzard keeps dropping these bits every day, I imagine the drum beat of rad won't stop until May 15th!