Wrsucvr Diablo III

Released on May 15, 2012 by Blizzard Entertainment

Developed by Blizzard North

Diablo III is an action role-playing game that takes place throughout the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary.

You play a hero who engages in fast-paced combat that tests your reflexes and rewards tactical decisions. As you slay hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, you grow in experience and ability, learning new skills and acquiring items of incredible power.

Sometime after Diablo III Reaper of Souls I was hoping we'd get another proper expansion. It seems instead of getting a full expansion we've been getting a ton of updates that if you bundled them all up would equal a full expansion when you consider the Necromancer class coming this year. I still would love some more story to see what happens after Reaper of Souls and try and wrap up the whole thing that happened to Leia but... I have honestly no idea what the future of Diablo III is. That said, Blizzard still seems hell bent (rimshot) on updating it with really useful stuff and the latest 2.5.0 patch is icing on a cake made of... pure evil.

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"An ancient evil stirs in the ruins of Old Tristram, and a mysterious portal has appeared that leads to the halls of an all-too familiar cathedral. Deep beneath the catacombs, the Dark Lord awaits any intrepid adventurer who dares to challenge him.

For the month of January, experience an homage to the original events of Diablo, brought to you in glorious RetroVision and filled to the brim with nostalgia-inducing features. An evocative audiovisual extravaganza awaits you, as everything from familiar enemies to iconic items have been brought to life in the Diablo III engine. Transmogrification rewards, achievements, and a handful of extra surprises lurk in the depths of... Read All

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Diablo III launched in 2012 to some very mixed reviews. I enjoyed the initial game and story but like many dropped off after beating the main campaign a handful of times. In 2014 the Reaper of Souls expansion and the Loot 2.0 patch released that cut the Auction House and brought in a new era for the game many considered it's saving grace. I thought the Reaper of Souls expansion, new campaign and Crusader class was really great and I quickly looked forward to the next expansion.

According to fairly substantive rumors Blizzard did have a follow up to Reaper of Souls in development called "The King in the North." This expansion was scrapped and some of the content was... Read All

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To celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III, an in-game event is going on now until the 21st! Cows can be found throughout Sanctuary. Upon their death, they will open a portal to a secret realm filled with cows, dead farmers, and plenty of treasure! Farmer corpses give lots of gold when activated.

Check out the news link below:

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From Blizzard:
"Diablo III's third anniversary is on May 15, and we're opening up the Blizzard Gear Store vault to celebrate. Join in on the fun and enter to win 1 of 10 Treasure Goblin Banks today!

Designed by the clever swagmasters over at ThinkGeek, the Treasure Goblin Bank is the perfect companion for any loot-hungry nephalem. This battery-powered trickster giggles gleefully with one of six different sounds when you give him your hard-earned gold. Need your loot back? No problem; unlike the garden-variety goblin, this one features a handy coin removal door for swift, slay-free withdrawals.

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My mouse is dead, long live my mouse!

Diablo III broke my mouse. Logitech is awesome, though-- my G500 gaming mouse is gone, and I now have a G502 in its place thanks to Logitech's legendary support. I swear I'm not a Logitech shill, I just love them.

This all started because my left click stopped working reliably, and if I had to guess I would say Diablo III wore it out. I bought the mouse when I started playing Diablo III two years ago, and I've had a few periods over those two years when I obsessed for a few months. But over the past month since Diablo III: Reaper of Souls came out, the poor mouse couldn't cope.

Diablo III (1.x) is dead, long live Diablo III (2.x)!

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If you have Diablo III I seriously recommend you check out the update Blizzard dropped today. Diablo III 2.0.1 adds the new Loot 2.0 system, difficulty system, cursed events, class updates, monster and boss updates, crafting updates, paragon 2.0, pools of reflection & clans and communities.

In fact you should join the Diablo III: Cheerful Ghost clan too. Do a clan search for "Cheerful Ghost" and when I join the game next, i'll add you.

The update took a while as Diablo III had to move a few files around and download over 8 gigs of updates. After the process was over I loaded the game to an entirely new screen and was presented with a very different set of game... Read All

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Reaper of Souls is coming out March 25, and you can pre-order it now! It costs $39.99 for the standard edition and $59.99 for the digital deluxe edition.

I'll probably wait for the physical version if that's an option. I'd like to see what kind of swag comes with any potential physical version of the game.

One interesting thing to note about the system requirements:
"Requires the Battle.net Desktop App "
Looks like they're ready to move forward with the B.net app. I'm still hoping for the ability to actually use it as more than a game launcher, like chatting with B.net friends outside of games, etc.

More info: ... Read All

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This quick trailer outlines a few of the new features coming to Reaper of Souls.

Adventure mode and bounties will do a lot to add some variety to the game. And clan support-- If enough people are interested, I'll be starting up a CG clan :)

What do you think? I've been holding off on D3 until this comes out. This is a game where breaks are important anyway.

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Blizzard showed off some early details about the Mystic, a new(ish) NPC coming to Diablo III when Reaper of Souls releases. I say "ish" because she was planned for the initial release but was cut before the beta.

The Mystic re-enchants weapons and armor. The basic idea is this: you have an awesome sword for your Barbarian but it has a useless Intelligence roll on it. You can take it to the mystic, pick that roll, and she'll re-roll it to something else. Now, it wouldn't be Diablo if you could pick that roll, there has to be some chance thrown in. So of course, the re-roll may be worse than what you started with, and in this case you can choose to stick with the... Read All

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Diablo III released on console recently and like many people that have it on PC, I didn't buy it. I have been curious to try it as Blizzard made many changes to it that are not in the PC version. I was able to do that because Blizzard added a Diablo III demo to PS3 and XBox 360 which takes you all the way to the Skeleton King. I have been playing the PS3 demo over the last couple of days and wanted to write a bit about the differences between the console and PC version.

the long road to the controller

Originally I figured porting Diablo III to consoles would be strange because of the game controls. Diablo III has a pretty rich interface with hotkeys, character... Read All

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"When we initially designed and implemented the auction houses, the driving goal was to provide a convenient and secure system for trades. But as we've mentioned on different occasions, it became increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the AH system and the fact that many players around the world use it, it ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know that we've decided to remove the gold and real-money auction house system from Diablo III.

We feel that this move along with the Loot 2.0 system being developed concurrently with Reaper of Souls will result in a much more rewarding... Read All

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How long could peace in Sanctuary last after Diablo III? Apparently not too long as it turns out. Interested in a new D3 expansion but I am somewhat put off by some of the cinematic. To keep this post spoiler free i'll put my thoughts on it in the comments.


UPDATE: I am collecting all the news bits of the expansion in the comments section and so far have collected some really interesting information about the new Crusader Class and the new "loot run" game mode. This expansion is starting to shape up to be very interesting.

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Blizzard has set up a teaser site for a Diablo III expansion, apparently named Reaper of Souls. While there hasn't been any actual announcement yet, it appears on the official Blizzard servers, and the image displayed has the filename d3x_teaser-en-us.jpg, so it seems fairly obvious what we're dealing with here.

We all knew an expansion was coming, but hopefully we'll be getting some info to drool over soon!


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I saw this video last night, and today I read about some ways they're changing the game for consoles. Some of this looks really interesting. A new dodge mechanic will change how you approach battles to some extent, allowing you to dodge out of attacks easily. This adds a little more hack'n'slash skill to the battles. Some camera angle and perspective changes here and there seem to give you a better view of what's going on. And especially the loot changes-- since there's no Auction House on the console versions, they've made it more likely that the gear you find will be for your character.

What do you think? Will you dive back into the game on a new platform? I was... Read All

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