This quick trailer outlines a few of the new features coming to Reaper of Souls.

Adventure mode and bounties will do a lot to add some variety to the game. And clan support-- If enough people are interested, I'll be starting up a CG clan :)

What do you think? I've been holding off on D3 until this comes out. This is a game where breaks are important anyway.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 11/09/2013 at 04:08am

Love the new goods the trailer shows off. Bounties sound great, adventure mode looks great and clans look great too. Totally join the CG clan :D

From a high level it looks like they are addressing my main issues with the game.

1. Love the game, love the mechanics but playing the same story over and over again is really repetitive and unfortunate. Adding bounties and adventure more will spice stuff up here. Getting in for a quick crawl with friends doing something new each time with a pretty awesome boss fight at the end? Sounds great.

2. Really excited to try the new Crusader class and the new story. Again, I really dug the story but MAKING you play it 50 times really kills it. Hopefully I can play the new story content and when thats over, move to adventures.

3. Bye, bye auction house. Hello trading with others and getting loot the ol' fashioned way. Though 3rd party sites in Russia! (j/k on that last point :D )

4. Day 1 purchase for me, collectors edition, etc, etc.

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