I sat down with the people involved with the creation of Starship Rubicon, Wick and Beatscribe for a fun roundtable discussion. Cheerful Ghost published Starship Rubicon so it seemed like a good fit for us to talk about the game together.

Interview Notes:

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E2c4cbdd34ed4b63bd34d20e4f5ce108cc7a42e5 full GregoPeck   Supporter wrote on 07/30/2015 at 08:39am

The soundtrack for the game (as first mentioned) is really awesome! Thanks for the links, I'll have to check them out.

I'm glad you did an video interview. I was thinking of things to ask Wick (as in an interview) about the game. I thought of a couple of things, but didn't give it much deep thought. I was wondering how things are going with getting on Steam, though I can find out on Steam. I also wondered about the future of the game and Wickworks, which you asked, awesome!

Wick mentioned the story and I agree with you guys that it is subtle and cool. I haven't paid much attention to it, but I can envision it expanding greatly,perhaps adding a story mode that's really epic. There could be different waves of enemies and different bosses leading to a final. You could still play the non-story mode to gear up your ship before taking story mode on.

It's cool that Wick mentioned the control scheme, because I find it to be really good, it feels natural for the game.

I need to post my thoughts on the game in other areas, for sure. I feel like I'm with the general consensus that the game is really awesome.

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