To keep with tradition, Blizzard has released the Starcraft II Legacy of the Void opening cinematic with the new November 10th launch date. The games launch is only a few short months away but Starcraft II LoTV will launch the same day as Fallout 4. It makes sense, release a few months before the holidays but I wonder how sales will be impacted with the competing with Fallout 4? On one had both games have wildly different audiences but on the other hand, i'll be buying both.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 09/13/2015 at 08:56pm

Uh, that release date isn't good. I'll buy both games, for sure, but I'm sure I'll be playing Fallout 4 first. When it comes time to play LoTV, I intend to replay SCII from the beginning.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 09/14/2015 at 01:43am

That's a great idea Greg. I might do that myself.... But after I play Fallout 4. Ugh, to much awesome released at the same time!

Travis   Admin wrote on 09/14/2015 at 02:32am

Oh damn, too much awesome in one day.

I hate and love this time of year, because the new stuff all starts dropping in the same few weeks.

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