Star Wars The Force Awakens releases this week and like many I have had my tickets pre-ordered for a few months now. Thursday can't come soon enough but to keep us all in the mood until we see it, I'll be posting about Star Wars and Star Wars in gaming all week. So ignight your lightsabers and count those midichloreans because this Falcon has a new hyperdrive!

Jack and Rich reviewed EA's latest Star Wars Battlefront and I have to say that I entirely agree with how they look at the game. It's pretty. Very pretty and the music and sound effects are great. The shooting is also good but at the end of the day it didn't really do much for me. EA put forward a solid effort but after playing a few matches in the beta I wasn't interested it continuing with it. Which is good because my love for Star Wars may have seen me buy it at some point and I would have been seriously bummed for doing that. If team shooters are your thing then this is worth looking into but if they are not then you might just want to try a demo.