Star Wars The Force Awakens releases this week and like many I have had my tickets pre-ordered for a few months now. Thursday can't come soon enough but to keep us all in the mood until we see it, I'll be posting about Star Wars and Star Wars in gaming all week. So ignight your lightsabers and count those midichloreans because this Falcon has a new hyperdrive!

Jack and Rich reviewed EA's latest Star Wars Battlefront and I have to say that I entirely agree with how they look at the game. It's pretty. Very pretty and the music and sound effects are great. The shooting is also good but at the end of the day it didn't really do much for me. EA put forward a solid effort... Read All

I am interested in playing the new Star Wars Battlefront game. EA just let out 30 seconds of gameplay and it looks fun. That said, even from this reveal I am still nervous I am going to be terrible at it. I don't mind shooters, I am just terrible in online multi-player. Still, I don't mind playing against dumb bots so I can at least pretend I don't suck horribly.

I love Star Wars and because of that, it's not shocking to know that I look forward to all good news about it. After Lucas sold the franchise to Disney, Disney sold the rights to make future Star Wars games to EA. It seems EA has taken this and focused it on something fans have been asking for, an all new Star Wars Battlefront game. I have no idea how this news has slipped past me, but in all the mad boring-aise of E3, I missed this nugget of awesome.

Recently a few more bits came out about the new Battlefront game, that it will come out in 2015 around the same time as Episode VII and it will also come out on PC.

I am looking forward to playing this game but, like many... Read All