On the unknown precipice of the new Old Gods expansion I bring you all a new Hearthstone Dailies for Ghosts episode. In this episode I play matches with the heroes I have unlocked in Lady Liadrin and Khadgar.

I unlocked Lady Liadrin by playing WoW to level 20 and Khadgar by donating $5 in Hearthstone to the World Wildlife Fund. This breaks my free to play streak but it was by donating to charity. I don't plan on spending any more money in Hearthstone but i'll break my F2P status for charity now and in the future because it's a good cause.

If you want to donate to the WWF and unlock the new Khadgar hero you can only do so from an iPhone or iPad as it's an Apple exclusive and the ability to buy him ends April 24th.


If you are interested in reading more on my quest for unlocking Lady Liadrin follow the link below.


Bina wrote on 04/20/2016 at 09:44am

I think donations don't count as paying.You're still free to play, just not free from donations.

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