The developer of StardewValley tweeted some amazingly terrible news today.

"Quick Update: Mac & Linux are set to be launched on the 29th! Multiplayer, localizations, and the version 1.1 update are still in progress."

Well see on one hand that's good because the reason I haven't picked it up yet is because Stardew Valley lacked a Mac port so now that's solved. On the other hand it's terrible as I am sure all my free time will go down a virtual farming hole. A few Twitter fans asked ConcernedApe some questions about what tech they used to port the game.

"ConcernedApe: It was done with Monogame, as a milestone in the progress toward releasing console versions!"

Interesting to hear it's eventually coming to consoles. I bet the game would be well received by Wii U users. He was also asked about Steam cloud cross saves.

ConcernedApe: Yes, although I'm not sure yet if Steam Cloud will handle it all for you or if some manual copy + pasting will be involved"

Great news that the game is finally coming to Mac and Linux but with this the Starbound 1.0 drop and the new Hearthstone update I wonder when will we all get time to sleep?