LucasFilm is slowly releasing all the panel videos from Star Wars Celebration 2016 and as i've been watching them, I have another batch to share. Linked above is the Star Wars Rogue One panel where we get a small amount of new information on the movie from director Gareth Edwards and the stars of the new film. It's a really sneak peek at the film and after watching all the Rogue One news bits to come out of Celebration 2016 i'm more excited about checking out Rogue One in December.

Warwick Davis interviews Carrie Fisher

As far as I am concerned, Carrie Fisher is real life Star Wars royalty and this interview shows why. Warwick Davis does an amazing job keeping the interview flowing and Carrie brings her own strange and often extremely uncomfortable style to the mix. She gives me hope that one can be aged well and also keep a good sense of humor and make others squirm.

The Creatures, Droids and Aliens of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

David Collins welcomes artists from the Pinewood Studios-based art, creature and costume departments as they reveal the creative process behind their wonderful designs, including never-before-seen pieces.

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