Nerds everywhere rejoiced when Stardew Valley was recently ported to Mac and Linux and everyone is now eagerly awaiting the 1.1 game update. Featuring more marriage options and features this update looks to be loaded with great stuff and PC Gamer interviewed Eric Barone about even more. In the interview Eric lets us know of a new thing where you can select one of 5 new farm maps to facilitate a different farming style. From the video there will be a Forest Farm, Wilderness Farm, Hill-top Farm, Riverland Farm and the Standard Farm we are all used to. I like this because it means each farm will be a bit different and you can approach the game from really different build perspectives.

You can also turn honey into mead. You know for your wild Stardew Valley parties. Because we all need that.

The Stardew Valley 1.1 update is planned to come sometime in the next month so get your farming tools ready!