Blizzard is launching the final Nova CovertOps mission pack on November 22nd and as a long time StarCraft fan I am happy to head back to the universe and vanquish evil yet it seems bittersweet. The first two Nova packs were were fun and I hope Blizzard releases more if not a full sized campaign. Recently a friend asked me what the last game was that I was engrossed in and it was the last StarCraft expansion, Legacy of the Void. Playing the campaigns was a fun experience and if Blizzard makes more, i'd love to head back in.

As far as the continuing story it seems that Blizzard is setting up a showdown with the newest evil Protoss on the block, the Tal'darim and the trailer above seems to tease that. After the missions drop and I finish them up i'll post my final review of the set and if they are anything like the first two chapters it should be a good one.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 11/18/2016 at 10:29pm

Sweet, thanks for the update. I haven't played any of the currently released Nova mission packs. I guess I decided to wait for them all to be released, but I did pre-order them.

From what little news I saw from BlizzCon, it seems as though they may still have more in store for SC2.

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