I got a new 3DS this year from Sandy Claws and one of the first games I picked up was Ocarina of Time 3D. Ocarina is one of the few Nintendo 64 games I played a lot of when it came out back in 1998 and spent many a late nights up in my room trying to save Hyrule. Ocarina of Time is a game I come back to every couple years and have really enjoyed each play through but have noticed a few parts of the game that don't hold up as well. Because of the horsepower of the Nintendo 64 Ocarina of Time is capped to 20 frames per second which is a couple frames shy of what we're used to seeing in film. Once your immersed in the game it's not a big deal but it's noticeable when you pair it with modern games that can hit 60 FPS or higher. My other slight grumble, grumble is that the original controls are a bit odd on the Nintendo 64 controller, something I was never a huge fan of. All that said, Ocarina of Time is rightfully considered one of the best games of all time and Nintendo tossing in for a remake was a great idea.

For the Ocarina of Time 3D remastering Nintendo worked with Grezzo a Japanese game developer founded by one of the original developers on Secret of Mana. Grezzo has had a hand in a ton of Zelda games such as Majoras Mask 3D, Four Swords Anniversary Edition and Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes. All that said the partnership with Grezzo and Nintendo was well suited because the port is top notch and fixes every problem I mentioned above and even goes beyond that. I'm including a link to The Legend of Zelda Wiki that outlines all the differences below but a couple standouts are the enhanced graphics, revamped item system and inclusion of the Master Quest after you complete the base game.

Recently I just made it to the Temple of Time and got the Hookshot from the race with Dempe. Personally I think the first part of the game up to the Temple of Time is the best paced story, gameplay and dungeon parts but if you like more complicated dungeons everything after the Forest Temple is for you. There are a few times in the game where what the game wants you to go next isn't obvious and Google can help a suffering memory when you are absolutely lost on what to do.

One thing that's nice about these remakes is that Nintendo can keep porting them forward on newer systems so if you missed Ocarina originally you might have a chance to play it on the Switch. I hope Nintendo keeps these old games fresh on newer systems and these kinds of remasters make them even more relevant to modern audiences. That said, if you absolutely need to play Ocarina of time in it's original 20 FPS glory getting out your old Nintendo 64 will always be an option.

I've included a speedrun of Ocarina of Time 3D from a couple days ago run at the Awesome Games Done Quick game charity stream so if you are looking to understand more how the remake looks I recommend you press play as the speedrunner Benstephens56 doesn't disappoint!