The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Released on June 19, 2011 by Nintendo

Developed by Grezzo

This game tells the epic story of Hyrule and Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf in remarkable depth and gives context to the many tales of their struggles. As such, this title represents a perfect entry point for players new to the Zelda franchise. Phenomenally Improved Graphics Beyond even the incredible 3D effect, every graphic texture and character model has been lovingly built from the ground up to create the most dynamic and vivid vision of Zelda’s kingdom yet.

jdodson gives this an astounding "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
jdodson gives this a "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
Last Christmas I was gifted a Nintendo 3DS and the main game I wanted to play on it was Ocarina of Time 3D. I've written a couple posts on on how that's gone and if you want a bit more context, i've linked them below. Needless to say, Ocarina of Time 3D is one of the best remakes i've ever played and the game shines on the 3DS. I think Nintendo games are best played on a handheld system and Ocarina of Time shows that even if it wasn't originally intended for a mobile system it totally works on it.

After my last post I completed the Spirit Temple which, since I always bailed out at the Gerudo Fortress when I played the game before, was the first time I ever played it.... Read All
I've been powering through Ocarina of Time 3D on my new 3DS and been having a really good time. As i've said before, Ocarina of Time 3D is how remastered games should be done and I hope it gets ported to the Switch. Not only will it be able to come to a new audience but the new rendering engine and screen should allow it to look even better. I've knocked out a few dungeons recently in the Fire Temple, Water Temple and Shadow Temple. According to gamer folklore the Zelda Water Temples are notoriously unfun and this all started Ocarina on the Nintendo 64. Grezzo, the company that remade Ocarina of Time 3D made some modifications to visuals in the Water Temple to make... Read All

I got a new 3DS this year from Sandy Claws and one of the first games I picked up was Ocarina of Time 3D. Ocarina is one of the few Nintendo 64 games I played a lot of when it came out back in 1998 and spent many a late nights up in my room trying to save Hyrule. Ocarina of Time is a game I come back to every couple years and have really enjoyed each play through but have noticed a few parts of the game that don't hold up as well. Because of the horsepower of the Nintendo 64 Ocarina of Time is capped to 20 frames per second which is a couple frames shy of what we're used to seeing in film. Once your immersed in the game it's not a big deal but it's noticeable when you... Read All