The NES Classic launched to such a crazy high amount of demand that it's still hard to get. Nintendo has recently said that it's continuing to build units but there are some parts it's having a hard time getting so it might take a bit longer until we are all able to get one. I've also seen some new hacks making it pretty easy to load fan created ROMS on to the system making it much more extensible than we originally thought. That said, we still have to wait and if I had to guess when I'll finally get one it would be this summer. If you are waiting and want to occupy your time, and bookshelf with something fantastic you should look into the book "Playing with Power: Nintendo NES Classics." It's an homage to the 90's era of Nintendo magazines and provides pretty extensive walkthroughs of 17 games like Ice Climber, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Mario 3.

It's A Secret To Everybody

I have the cheaper paperback edition I got at Target. When I bought the book I didn't know there were two versions and if I had it to do over again I'd get the hardcover edition. Both versions have distinct cover art and I don't prefer the hardcover editions cover, I just didn't know i'd read the book as much as I did. See, back in the day, I wore down my Nintendo Power issues to the spine. I have a Mario 3 guide that I read so much I had to rebind the spine with packing tape. I still own the book and it's still looking as haggard as ever. So I was really happy to learn that Playing With Power sourced nearly all of it's Mario 3 content directly from the ol' Super Mario Brothers 3 Nintendo Power Guide. It's nice to see them reprinted here and lots of the book contains art and articles from old Nintendo Power guides and articles and the original game manuals.

Playing with Power also contains some really fun technical articles about how the original Nintendo worked and it goes into pretty large detail about it in such a way that I learned quite a bit about the NES and it's game carts. For instance, did you know that to get the upgraded effects of Mario 3 they employed MMC3 to get the stationary menu and smooth dual background scrolling effects? Apparently Nintendo kept upgrading the MMC chips all the way through NES production to keep pushing games further to finally end up at the MMC5 which could address a whopping 8 megs of memory!

Master Using This And You Can Have It

Look, we all have access to the Internet and looking up what to do in The Adventure of Link isn't hard. But, as a collector and someone that enjoys having fun stuff I can say there is something special about reading through a Nintendo guide about awesome games in 2017. If you got an NES Classic and need some help on some of Nintendo titles included with the NES Classic, Playing With Power is something you should look into.