For many people in The United States this 4th of July holiday is an extra long weekend. As the freedom explosions encompass our neighborhoods I'm curious what you're all playing and watching?

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/03/2017 at 05:39pm

Diablo 3

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/03/2017 at 05:59pm

Playing Diablo 3, watching Family Guy

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/03/2017 at 06:29pm

Diablo 3! Katie and I are going through the necro together. I just realized a couple days ago that the only other class I didn't have at 70 was the witch doctor so I ran a few bounties with Cain's set and got him bumped up.

It's been a while since I've played D3 so I'm coming back to quite a few chances aside from the new stuff in patch 2.6. I'd never even seen a greater rift for instance. It's amazing how it's still Diablo 3 like it has been since launch, but it's so very different.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/03/2017 at 06:30pm

(Oh and that's a perfect header image, Jon)

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/03/2017 at 06:59pm

I haven't got the Necro pack yet. Any good? I still haven't put much time into it, so I have yet to put money into buying Necro.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/03/2017 at 07:44pm

Necro is amazing fun. There are some issues with it and people on the internet are complaining loudly, as they do, but I love the class so far. There's an ability that allows you to explode corpses to damage other enemies. So then you get new corpses to explode and you can just chain them together for crazy mayhem. And that's in the first hour, you just get more crazy things after that. I'm slightly afraid they'll nerf it.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/03/2017 at 08:07pm

Find me on at Namwen#1800 and I'll send you an invite to the CG clan! :)

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/03/2017 at 08:27pm

Will do!

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/04/2017 at 04:33am

So weird thing-- apparently you can't invite people to clans or communities who aren't online? Which is odd since I noticed Greg wasn't in them and sent him invites to both earlier.

You can search for Cheerful Ghost in the clan search and community search and join both there if you like, or next time we're online at the same time I'll get you invites!

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/04/2017 at 05:46am

The clan is a cool idea, thanks for the invite. You helped me find Katie :) I still need to get used to the chat. You sent me a message days ago and I only noticed it today.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/05/2017 at 02:17pm

I am in the clan now! Thanks Travis!

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/05/2017 at 10:17pm


GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/05/2017 at 11:56pm

Ha ha!!

As for this topic, I ended up finding my son's 3DSXL with Pokemon Sun, so I started playing it. So far I like it, but I haven't played for very long.

As for D3, I played that, too. i finished the campaign with my male Neck Romancer, so I started a female Corpse Bride.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/06/2017 at 03:16am

So question for you Greg-- what's the benefit for you in playing male and female? Since the skill assignment lets you totally change your build at will, is it just for the dialogue? Because after my second time through I just skip that.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/06/2017 at 03:41am

I don't know exactly, but I'd dialogue is part of it. I started with one male character per class and then decided to have females as well. It did make the campaign a bit tedious at times. I remember thinking I never want to run through the campaign again, but here I am with my second necromancer. After that, I'm planning on getting more into Adventure Mode.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/06/2017 at 03:47am

I always do the campaign once with each new class but never really touch it after. It's a good curve to really learn the class as you're leveling but after that it's all adventure mode!

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 07/06/2017 at 03:56am

Yeah, I like the opportunity to learn my class as I go, which campaign mode is great for, as you said. I've hardly touched adventure mode. I completed some bounties, but it's been awhile since I've tried it again.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/06/2017 at 03:51pm

I still need to finish campaign with one class to open up adventure mode. Soon!

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/11/2017 at 04:08am

After taking a bit of a break I'm back to playing Link Between Worlds and having a blast, it's such a great game.

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