Actraiser by Straevaras in 1:01:12 is a run worth watching especially if you are unfamiliar with ActRaiser like I was. Yeah, ActRasier might be on my "list of shame" but this run is still amazing to watch and Straevaras makes the game look like a breeze.

E.V.O.: Search for Eden by Darkwing Duck in 51:06 is a fun run especially if you like jumping. Taking advantage of buils that favor agility, this run is blisteringly quick. There are more than a few tense moments as the Darkwing Duck sinks nearly all the skill points into agility making it quite possible to get one shotted many moments in the run.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment by MunchaKoopas in 45:02 if you haven't played this follow up to Shovel Knight check out this run because you see all of it quickly. Wait, isn't that every speedrun? Well yeah but Shovel Knight is a great example of a modern game that was made for speedrunning and this run shows off why.

Avenging Spirit by johncarls in 9:27 If you are looking for a run of Gameboy game you never heard of, check out Avenging Spirit. The game starts out with you dying and then coming back as an... AVENGING SPIRIT! It's a cool premise and the game is well explained along the way by johncarls.

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