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When I sat down to read The SNES Omnibus Volume 1 by Brett Weiss the massive hardback tome transported me back to the 16-bit glory of the 90’s. Immediately the book feels like a must own for the ever growing retro game community and with the explosion of the NES & SNES Classic this feels like a good companion piece. Which, if you want all my thoughts condensed at the top of this review would be to get your hands on this book any way you can. You know, if you love that sort of thing.

The author of the the SNES Omnibus Brett Weiss set out to create a listing of each of the games on the Super Nintendo as a homage to the Leonard Maltin styled movie books such as... Read All

Actraiser by Straevaras in 1:01:12 is a run worth watching especially if you are unfamiliar with ActRaiser like I was. Yeah, ActRasier might be on my "list of shame" but this run is still amazing to watch and Straevaras makes the game look like a breeze.

E.V.O.: Search for Eden by Darkwing Duck in 51:06 is a fun run especially if you like jumping. Taking advantage of buils that favor agility, this run is blisteringly quick. There are more than a few tense moments as the Darkwing Duck sinks nearly all the skill points into agility making it quite possible to get one shotted many moments in the run.

Shovel Knight: Specter of... Read All

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