After I picked up the NES Classic and beat Mega Man 2 I figured I'd move on to another game. But I completed Mega Man 2 largely because of the NES Classic state save and load system and it was a kind of earned win but I didn't feel great about it after sitting with it for a couple days. So because of that and the fact that Mega Man 2 is an incredible game I keep coming back to play Mega Man 2 and this time don't use the save state feature. My goal is to be able to complete Mega Man 2 without any state loading and just on the terms of game itself.

So since I completed Mega Man 2 i've been playing more... Mega Man 2. Which has been a lot of fun and part of that is trying to figure out the correct ordering to take the bosses in. So far my run is Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Quick Man and Heat Man. This ordering is optimized to get the Metal Blade as quickly as possible because, frankly, the metal blade is crazy powerful. You can shoot the metal blade in nearly every direction, it doesn't take up much energy when used and has a huge hit zone making it really easy to hit anything. The Metal Blade is also really good at taking down a couple bosses such as Wood Man, Bubble Man and Flash Man too making it, i'd say, the best item in the game.

Right now I can make my way to the start of Dr Wiley's stage without using a continue and only one e-tank. I'm still practicing on doing a couple stages better, currently Air Man's stage is my worst and all the others I can complete fairly easily. That said, Mega Man 2 is fairly hard so the occasional mistake can still kill you quite easily so i've got a bit more to go to be good playing it. Currently i'm focusing on my run of the robot stages and that's been fun to see myself improve there and be able to run it through without dying once.