The Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 charity speedrun event is going strong right now and you should absolutely watch it! While you are there consider a donation to The Prevent Cancer Foundation! So far today there have been some incredible runs of Mega Man 2, Deathloop, Donkey Kong Country 2 & Deaths Door and up next an Oracle of Seasons Speedrun!

Peep the schedule for upcoming runs to watch:

In this episode, we review the best Mega Man game on the NES Classic, Mega Man 2! In Mega Man 2, the Blue Bomber learned most of the tricks that would carry him through TONS more games spanning multiple series.

In the next few NES Classic reviews, we're playing the Super Mario games and we want you to play it too, and let us know what you think. We'll share your thoughts in the episode. Come on it's time to go do the Mario!

I should have posted this at the top of the month but somehow this news big got buried. That said, iam8bit and Capcom are partnering up to release two new repro collector carts for Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X for $100 each. I imagine a lot of Mega Man fans are pretty excited to get a new pressing of Mega Man and since these carts are in limited quantities what more could a collector want?

"Capcom and iam8bit are kicking off “Mega May” with the announcement of two nostalgic Mega Man collectibles: the Mega Man 2 - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge and Mega Man X - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge. These brand new, limited edition reproductions are now available for... Read All

Capcom is releasing the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 as part of a single release on the Switch which seems like a must buy for Switch owning Mega Man fans. That said, it's not all 8-bit perfection as it looks like Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 is the only release physically on the Switch cart as Collection 2 is a redeemable code. It's not a matter of size either, both games could fit on a single Switch cart. But beyond not putting all the games on a single cart the fact that we're getting Mega Man 1-6 and 7-10 in one release is awesome.

Oh and Capcom is adding a rewind feature to both games which looks like it will make getting past those tricky Mega Man areas... Read All

Continuing the Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 wrap up series with another set of amazing speedruns starting with the Mega Man 1, 2 & 3 relay race with Team Auto, Team Beat, Team Roll and Team Rush in 1:26:59. 4 teams all racing through the three Mega Man games in under an hour and thirty. If you are interested in getting some tips on running these games, this is the run to watch.

Hyper Light Drifter by simplyfir in 31:16 - Hyper Light Drifter is a new Indie game that melds the classic Zelda formula with the soothing music of Disasterpiece. It's an expert run by simplyfir and if you want to soak in this game it's a quick way to do it.

... Read All

jdodson gives this a solid "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is fun, with very few issues, and is well worth your time.
jdodson gives this a "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is fun, with very few issues, and is well worth your time.
After I picked up the NES Classic this year I played a lot of Mega Man 2. It’s the one i’ve played the most of as a kid too but never could actually beat it. After putting in the time to complete Mega Man 2 on the NES Classic I continued playing it to keep improving boss battle by boss battle. I still have yet to focus on the entire run but instead make sure certain parts are ironed out instead. For instance, right now, i’m focusing on completing the boss stages in a nearly perfect manner. Later on i’ll focus more on the Wiley stages and then glue them together.
The reason why I like focusing on the game this way is that hopefully micro focusing on aspects of the game... Read All

After I picked up the NES Classic and beat Mega Man 2 I figured I'd move on to another game. But I completed Mega Man 2 largely because of the NES Classic state save and load system and it was a kind of earned win but I didn't feel great about it after sitting with it for a couple days. So because of that and the fact that Mega Man 2 is an incredible game I keep coming back to play Mega Man 2 and this time don't use the save state feature. My goal is to be able to complete Mega Man 2 without any state loading and just on the terms of game itself.

So since I completed Mega Man 2 i've been playing more... Mega Man 2. Which has been a lot of fun and part of that is trying... Read All

jdodson gives this an astounding "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
jdodson gives this a "Must Play" on the Ghost Scale
This achieves something special, and it would be a shame to miss it.
Recently I picked up an NES Classic and have been playing it a lot. I'm a huge fan of retro games and the NES Classic is a fun nod to Nintendo's past. The hardware, Operating System and choice of games are all top notch and I decided to dive in an focus on games I haven't played much before. I also have been playing all the two player games that have the ability for two players to play at the same time. Most 2 player games have each player take turns playing, one after another like in Super Mario Brothers 3 and the like. But I prefer two player games where we can play at the same time like Dr. Mario, Mario Bros. and Bubble Bobble. In fact, i'd say two player gaming is... Read All

If you played a few NES platformers you've more than likely played a Mega Man game. Capcom just released Mega Man Legacy Collection for $15 containing the original Mega Man through Mega Man 6! Capcom is advertising these to be faithful reproductions of the originals and to that they are not joking. They seem to be using some kind of NES emulation and like modern emulators offer very nice upscaled 8-bit graphics and original sound.

  • Six classic games in one – Play a piece of video game history with the original six Mega Man games and experience the origins of the classic series.

  • 8-bit style with HD flair – The games retain their retro 8-bit style with an added HD... Read All