Continuing the Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 wrap up series with another set of amazing speedruns starting with the Mega Man 1, 2 & 3 relay race with Team Auto, Team Beat, Team Roll and Team Rush in 1:26:59. 4 teams all racing through the three Mega Man games in under an hour and thirty. If you are interested in getting some tips on running these games, this is the run to watch.

Hyper Light Drifter by simplyfir in 31:16 - Hyper Light Drifter is a new Indie game that melds the classic Zelda formula with the soothing music of Disasterpiece. It's an expert run by simplyfir and if you want to soak in this game it's a quick way to do it.

Risk of Rain by scaz.zaf in 13:42 - It takes me, at most, an hour to go a few levels in to Risk of Rain to only die a horrible, horrible death but scaz can complete the game in a blistering 13 minutes! It's such a quick run that it's over before you can blink and scaz makes it look incredibly easy which it isn't.

Contra by TheMexicanRunner and angrylanks in 9:58 - Remember when you used to play NES Contra with a friend and used the up up down down left right left right code to get 99 lives and beat the game? Well TheMexicanRunner and angrylanks beat it together with a handful to strategic deaths to make the the whole run clock in in under 10 minutes. UNDER... 10... MINUTES...

Dragon Warrior by NEScardinality in 27:19 - Not sure I've watched a run where it showed more RNG manipulation and control over a game than NEScardinaity running Dragon Warrior on NES. In games like Dragon Warrior you randomly run into enemies a lot through the overworld and NEScardinality uses RNG manipulation to avoid nearly all fights except the ones used for gaining experience or gold to get items and levels needed to complete the game.