Portland Retro Game Expo is one of those things I can't miss. Two days dedicated to retro games, panels, a crazy huge free to play arcade and more retro gear you could ever want? What's not to love?

We are running with a much larger booth this year and because of that are doing more awesome stuff. This year we are running 4 Classic NES Tournaments, hosting Wick showcasing his upcoming Indie game Crescent Loom AND selling an incredible collection of VHS tapes!

Win Awesome Stuff In Our Classic NES Tournaments

This year we are having four classic NES Tournaments (two per day) of some amazing NES classics and the winners of each tournament will walk away with a special prize!

Saturday: Super Mario Brothers Speedrun & Bubble Bobble Score Tournament.

Sunday: Marble Madness & Snake Rattle and Roll.

For more information on the tournament dates, times and prizes head over to the PRGE site below:

All The Cool Kids Will Be Playing Crescent Loom!

We are going sharing a booth with Wick who will be demoing his amazing new Indie game Crescent Loom.

"Crescent Loom is a game about creating life. Knit bones, stitch muscles, and weave neurons into a biologically-realistic simple creature."

We just wrapped up a fun new interview with Wick that will launch on the first day of PRGE so look out for that on Cheerful Ghost October 21st!

You Are Selling VHS Tapes? Are You Crazy?

Well, yes but it's also pretty cool too and you are morally obligated to stop by and browse through our VHS tape collection. I've been spending the last 5 months hand selecting our VHS tapes for sale featuring some absolute classics as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Nightmare on Elm Street, Blackula, Stand by Me on Betamax, The Godfather Collection (partially sealed), The Lost Boys, Conan The Barbarian (sealed), Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Abyss, Blade Runner, Alien(s), Point Break and much, much more.

Portland Retro Game Expo is October 20th - 22nd and for more information on ticket prices and times, head over to the site below.