I got a lot of Mario gifts for Christmas and one of those gifts was the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch. To me, having this is a kind of tech is a guilty pleasure because it's a handheld that's primarily a watch that can play only three games. In a world where I have a bunch of clocks at my fingertips and every version of Super Mario Bros. the Game & Watch feels a bit redundant but in the same way many of us enjoy eating cookies. We don't need to eat cookies to survive and many times we should stop at having a couple but we don't because we love cookies even though they are bad for us. Mario isn't bad for us like cookies but somewhere in what I wrote is a... Read All

Watched a very short video by John Riggs where he explains how to unlock small Fire Mario and I decided to share here for folks that don't know about this old glitch.

From the glitch topia wiki:

* Be Big Mario or Fire Mario and go to a Castle level (World 3 Castle recommended).
* Try to touch the Axe and get hit by Bowser at the same time.
* When you are in the next level you will be big. Collect a Mushroom and you will turn small.
* Now collect a Fire Flower and you will be transformed into Small Fire Mario/Luigi.


Mikey Neumann is a popular YouTuber and video game writer on such hits as Brothers in Arms, Borderlands & Co-writer on Borderlands 2. His YouTube channel Movies with Mikey typically covers films yet at times he takes a peek at games and in his latest video goes deep on the history of Mario. Have Mario retrospectives been done before? Yep, but if you want something a bit more personal and more light hearted this is a must watch.

"Time to throw some turtle shells and turn up—This MARIOS with Mikey episode gives you the origin story of one of the most iconic characters in all pop culture, from Italian plumber to international icon."

I watched this short recently on Saturday Night Live and I laughed so much I literally cried. I'm not sure if you find this information fun or disturbing but I'm sure you will let me know in the comments.

Nintendo let loose a new Direct that celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Mario with a whole lot of games to keep us busy for the next 35 years. I'm not going to cover everything but I'll point to the highlights.

New Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch

Nintendo is releasing a new Game & Watch handheld where you can play the original Super Mario Bros. + Lost Levels and a bit more. The Game & Watch will be released November 13th and they haven't mentioned a price yet or provided the ability to pre-order. This is Nintendo really focusing on collector bait and I think i'll take the hook. A handheld that plays two games? Sure, why not.


I... Read All

On the YouTube channel, Today I Found Out, Simon Whistler answers the question of why Nintendo products are more durable than their competitors. For some more information about Nintendo including how they got started, stick around for the bonus facts about half way into the video.

Yeah, Nintendo products are pretty durable, although I broke my first Game Boy and my son accidentally dropped his first 3DS in water. Neither system recovered, but we still have so many other Nintendo products around that still work just fine.

What about you? Do you have a Nintendo durability story to share?

Nintendo and Lego are teaming up with a new Lego Mario set that looks like it will be a lot of fun for kids. If you were thinking Nintendo + Lego collection would just be any ol' themed Lego bricks then you'd be wrong as Lego seems to have added some digital gamification to this set. Not only does the new Mario figure speak but when you bop on a Goomba head you can collect coins as well as a few other things. Regular Lego set are already expensive so I'm curious how much this digital set will be? Regardless of the price I bet this will be a popular present come this holiday season.

Swing your arms from side to side, in this episode we're doing the Mario and reviewing Super Mario Bros. on the NES!

This is the first of a three-part series on the NES Mario trilogy. Next up is Super Mario Bros. 2, so come play it and talk with us about it, and we'll include your thoughts in the next NES Classic review episode!

Join the event here: https://cheerfulghost.com/Travis/events/169/cheerful-ghost-games-club-super-mario-bros-2

If you are into hacking old tech or just want to see the NES do things you never knew it could, check this video out. It has a bit of a strange setup. To quote the video description, "The video begins in a strange way and gets stranger, but then, ideally, you understand why."

Yeah the intro is a little long and strange before the payoff, but it's impressive what he gets out of an unmodified NES. I won't spoil the fun for you in case you want to follow along with the joke he presents.

Portland Retro Game Expo is one of those things I can't miss. Two days dedicated to retro games, panels, a crazy huge free to play arcade and more retro gear you could ever want? What's not to love?

We are running with a much larger booth this year and because of that are doing more awesome stuff. This year we are running 4 Classic NES Tournaments, hosting Wick showcasing his upcoming Indie game Crescent Loom AND selling an incredible collection of VHS tapes!

Win Awesome Stuff In Our Classic NES Tournaments

This year we are having four classic NES Tournaments (two per day) of some amazing NES classics and the winners of each tournament will walk away with a special... Read All