Ben Paddon is back with another episode of Ports Center looking at what I consider to be the highlight of the series, Final Fantasy VI. He concludes that the best port of the game is the GBA version, which I agree with him on except the music. Most things on the GBA version are superior including the graphics, translation as well as the addition of extra dungeons and items but the music isn't as good as the Super Nintendo version due to the limitations of the GBA sound hardware. One fix for this is to play the FFVI GBA version with a SNES Music ROM Hack, which i've done and it significantly improves things.

Final Fantasy III is included on the SNES Classic and that's a good version of the game too and frankly I kind of like how strange the old versions translations were. I'm torn between which version i'd come back to play though as I will be playing my SNES Classic in December and i'd love to run through FFIII/VI again on it.

"In this episode, we look at the porting history of the Final Fantasy series -- these are games that seem to find their way onto almost every system, but it almost didn't happen! Ben explains why..."