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The War of Magi left little but ashes and misery in its wake. Even magic itself had vanished from the world. Now, a thousand years later, humankind has remade the world through the power of iron, gunpowder, steam engines, and other machines and technologies.

This years Summer Games Done Quick was one of the best i've seen to date I think a couple reasons for this is that there are a lot of great new speedrunners running awesome games and the Games Done Quick team is better than ever. This years charity was Doctors without Borders and it's a cool thing to consider that Games Done Quick is the biggest single funding event it has and this year was a blowout with 2.1 million raised! If you want to relive the entire week you can stream it all on the Games Done Quick YouTube page or just check out the runs i'll highlight here. I wanted to talk about a few now and will create a few more posts in the upcoming weeks.

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Ben Paddon is back with another episode of Ports Center looking at what I consider to be the highlight of the series, Final Fantasy VI. He concludes that the best port of the game is the GBA version, which I agree with him on except the music. Most things on the GBA version are superior including the graphics, translation as well as the addition of extra dungeons and items but the music isn't as good as the Super Nintendo version due to the limitations of the GBA sound hardware. One fix for this is to play the FFVI GBA version with a SNES Music ROM Hack, which i've done and it significantly improves things.

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I've had this episode uploaded to YouTube for quite some time and for some reason, today seemed like the right day to share it.

I continue my Let's Play of Final Fantasy VI and play though Locke's Scenario. Can I get the rich guy the cider? Will I be able to survive sneaking through this Imperial city? Only Bahamut know for sure.

Due to technical issues, I lost the last 1/4th of this stream. It's still a fun time just cut a bit short.

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I started a play through of Final Fantasy VI and decided to do some let's plays of it. In this first episode I play through the Terra campaign on the way back to Narshe. I plan on doing a more formal review of the game in chunks over time and then write a bit about the different versions of the game and why I came to pick the Game Boy Advance version to play.

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GregoPeck gives this game a solid "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is a fun game, with very few bugs or gameplay issues, and is well worth your time.
GregoPeck gives this game a "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is a fun game, with very few bugs or gameplay issues, and is well worth your time.
This is one of those Final Fantasy games that I actually have quite a few copies of. I have the SNES cart, which is actually called “Final Fantasy III” and I have the PSX version. I now have the Steam version and, like the other FF games I now own on Steam, I was not disappointed with this version, in fact I enjoyed it yet again.

Along with Steam achievements and trading cards, this version contains updated graphics, like the other FF games on Steam. The other major change for this version was the ATB. Instead of having a bar that gets more full and indicates when your character is ready to perform an action, the action menu rises to a point on the screen.

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To keep with the hype train around Square releasing Final Fantasy VI on mobile, you should checkout the fast facts video above and the Final Fantasy VI Lore video. They both contain some really interesting information about the game and are pretty short to boot.

Final Fantasy VI Lore in a Minute:

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One of the greatest Final Fantasy games has finally come to the iOS and Android platforms. For $15.99 you can head back to the World of Balance and Ruin and join up with the Returners to take down Emporer Gestahl and the Empire. For me the Final Fantasy series didn't get much better than VI and I can't wait to pick it up but I might wait till the prices comes down a bit, $16 for a phone game is a bit much.

That said, it seems like Square has revamped some of the graphics and gameplay to make it a bit more mobile friendly. I still prefer the big chunky pixel graphics, but this update doesn't seem to take it too far away from the beauty of the original.

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"Balance and Ruin features seventy-four tracks from seventy-four artists, arranging from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI for the SNES. It was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Square Enix; all original compositions are copyright their respective owners. This album was produced to help promote video game music, Nobuo Uematsu's amazing compositions, and the talented artists that contributed to this project."

After downloading it and listening to a few tracks already I recommend you pick this up if you were a fan of Final Fantasy VI or just love remix albums in general. The album is a free download available as a straight MP3 download or... Read All

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OverClocked Remix is paying tribute the Final Fantasy 3 by running a Kick Starter for its latest remix efforts. Its a pretty slick offering as the final product will span 4 discs of material. The line-up of people producing tracks is pretty impressive with: Danny Baranowsky, Jimmy Hinson and more.

If you drop $50 you get a 4 disc deluxe packaging of the remix album delivered right to your door. Oh and did I mention its a limited 1,000 print?

As of the time I posted this they have exceeded their goal and have 751 limited CD's left to nab!


Happy Retro Tuesday!

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