This years Summer Games Done Quick was one of the best i've seen to date I think a couple reasons for this is that there are a lot of great new speedrunners running awesome games and the Games Done Quick team is better than ever. This years charity was Doctors without Borders and it's a cool thing to consider that Games Done Quick is the biggest single funding event it has and this year was a blowout with 2.1 million raised! If you want to relive the entire week you can stream it all on the Games Done Quick YouTube page or just check out the runs i'll highlight here. I wanted to talk about a few now and will create a few more posts in the upcoming weeks.

Final Fantasy VI Glitchless 100% Speedrun by puwexil in 6:53:00 The final speedrun that closed the event was by Puwexil and was 7 hours of pure Final Fantasy III/VI awesomeness. Since it's a glitchless 100% run Puwexil runs the whole game as quickly as possible while getting each character. It's worth watching and I know you don't have 7 hours to watch it in one go so piecing it out a bit over time seems like a good way to watch it all.

Video embedded above.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D by gymnast86 in 1:32:35 Majora's Mask is a game on my list of shame and I plan on picking it up to play this year. That said, I watched the first half of the run and it shows off why this game is one of the most beloved in the series. I stopped watching because I didn't want to spoil the whole game but if you've played it before coming back to watch the 3DS port is well worth it as it's one of the best ways to play and watch it.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Undead Campaign by CovertMuffin If you haven't watched a CoverMuffin run you should because he's a lot of fun to experience. Later on in the event he was one of the people reading off donations and did a great job doing that. He's a fun personality and his knowledge of WarCraft III is immense. Come of the WarCraft III stay for CoverMuffin's laugh!

The Legend of Zelda Race of LackAttack24 v beetea v Eunos in 36:20 Last year I woke up early to catch the Legend of Zelda race and this years was just as fun but didn't require me to wake up at 5am. It's a great race and each player is quite good. That said, a clear winner emerges by a pretty impressive time and 36.20 is a great run!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bingo by Runnerguy2489 in 1:13:06 One new format for running Ocarina of Time that came to this years GDQ was Ocarina of Time Bingo. Basically you start the run with a bingo board and the runner picks a sequence row or column and tries to run it as fast as possible. You need to know the game and all of it's skips and exploits well to get a good speedrun of the format and Runnerguy makes it look easy.