Metal Jesus and John Riggs cover a ton of NES Homebrew carts in this pretty great video. As I enjoy dark humor I thought Super Russian Roulette looked fun.

Not covered in this video are other NES Cart repros and i'm really been wanting to pickup Wisdom Tree's new NES cart pressing of all thier original NES games such as Sunday Funday, Exodus, Joshua, King of Kings, Bible Buffet and Spiritual Warfare. As a kid my parents bought me these bible games and even though i'm not religious now I look at all Wisdom Tree games with affection. I mean, some of them aren't great but I stand by Spiritual Warfare as the best NES Zelda clone ever made on the actual NES.!/Wisdom-Tree-Collection-NES/p/72433164/category=0

Travis   Admin wrote on 10/18/2017 at 03:11pm

Oh wow, that Wisdom Tree re-pressing is tempting. I never played them as a kid but James Rolfe introduced me to them. I only own Bible Adventures and that game isn't amazing but it's fun to play in the same way bad movies are fun to watch.

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