If you recently got a new Nintendo Switch for the holidays you might want to pick up a few accessories for it. One of my favorite gaming YouTubers Metal Jesus recently created a video showcasing the gear he has for his Switch where he outlines the good and the bad. Apparently the picking up an official Switch dock costs $99? That's a lot but it seems like that was the best option he found.

If you are a Switch owner what are some of the things you picked up for it?

Travis   Admin wrote on 12/28/2017 at 05:46am

It comes with a dock already, so unless you break yours or want one on multiple TVs that's not a huge issue. But $99 does seem high. So far all I've gotten is a second set of joycons and a third-party handle thing for them. Dunno what you call that. The thing that the joycons slide onto to make it look like a normal controller.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 12/28/2017 at 03:56pm

I have a case and a couple of steering wheels for mario kart.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 12/28/2017 at 03:57pm

Oh and the pro controller

Travis   Admin wrote on 12/29/2017 at 06:24am

I grabbed the pro controller today and it's everything I've ever wanted in a game controller. I want to use this on every system.

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